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Quantumrun Foresight’s trend intelligence platform will expose your team to daily customized trend research, provide collaborative tools to organize and centralize your team’s trend research long-term, as well as tools to convert your research into new business insights instantly.

Join other strategy, research, marketing, and product teams worldwide to use a platform that cuts research time and costs to create future-ready business and policy solutions.



Quantumrun Foresight’s AI news aggregator will simplify your team’s day-to-day trend research activities. Key benefits include:

  • Curate insights from millions of sources.
  • Track industry trends more quickly using AI.


Access daily trend reporting written by foresight professionals. 

Manually add or import your team’s internal trend research into the platform.


Unify your trend research into a single, reliable source. Foster deep cooperation among your team, partners, and clients. Embrace the use of a cloud-based storage system for your signal cataloging needs. Empower your team to search, categorize, import, export, email, and share trend information meaningfully.

Bookmark trend research
Bookmark platform trend content into Lists that you can convert into visual graphs.
Create research Lists
Curate unlimited Lists for personal research projects or team research priorities.
Manually add team research
Use simple forms to add web links, team notes, and internal documents into the platform.
Bulk upload research database
Let Quantumrun upload your team's entire trend database to create one source of truth.


Instantly convert your research lists into visualizations designed to automate strategic planning, simplify market segmentation, and scale product ideation. Graph samples below.


Optimize mid-to-long-range strategy roadmaps using a collection of quadrant graphs (SWOT, VUCA, and the Strategy Planner) to prioritize when to focus, invest, or take action on a future opportunity or challenge.


Key feature 4: Import your platform trend research into the Strategy Planner project interface and collaborate with your team to explore and segment trend research into different strategic focuses.


This moveable 3D grid allows teams to identify hidden relationships between trends to help brainstorm innovative ideas for products, services, legislation, and business models.

Ideation engine preview

Key feature 3: Import your platform trend research into the Ideation Engine project interface and collaborate with your team to filter and visually isolate groupings of trends that may inspire future business offerings.


This project visualization automates the segmentation of your trend research using filters for year range, likelihood, and market impact, as well as tagging for sectors, industries, topics, and location.


Key feature 2: Import your platform trend research into the Scenario Composer project interface and collaborate with your team to explore and segment your research using dozens of variables and presets. 


Feel confident in your platform investment:

  • Explore the platform for up to two months before committing to your subscription.
  • Receive unlimited user accounts and platform demos during the trial period.
  • Extend your subscription for free until the news curation meets your monthly research expectations.
  • Supplement or delegate trend-specific research activities to reduce costs and save admin time.
  • Reduce risk from outside disruption and lost revenue due to missed market opportunities.


Platform subscription plans


For individuals motivated to stay aware of emerging trends and how to proactively adapt to them.
$ 15 per user, per month
  • ✓ 66% discount for annual subscription

    Access Quantumrun's custom-written, subscriber-only insights about a wide range of industries.

  • ✓ Daily trend reporting

    Access Quantumrun's custom-written, subscriber-only insights about a wide range of industries.

  • ✓ Access full industry news database

    Access thousands of AI-curated trend links about hundreds of niche topics.

  • ✓ Access all curated trend lists

    Access hundreds of Lists that focus on specific niche topics, each containing dozens to hundreds of curated trend insights.

  • ✓ Access weekly email alerts of curated trend research
  • ✓ Create 10 project visualizations

    Import any of your custom Lists into one of many project interfaces and collaborate with your team to explore and segment the List’s content in ways that will improve strategic planning and product ideation.

  • ✓ Account and user setup support
  • ✓ Ticket and email support
  • ✓ Access Quantumrun webinars
  • ✓ Premium subscription to Quantumrun newsletters


For smaller teams looking to introduce foresight research and innovation methods into their day-to-day workflows.
$ 60 per user, per month
  • ✓ All features in Futurist plan, plus:
  • ✓ 1 customized AI-curated news feed
  • ✓ Create unlimited project visualizations

    Import any of your custom Lists into one of many project interfaces and collaborate with your team to explore and segment the List’s content in ways that will improve strategic planning and product ideation.

  • ✓ Team collaboration enabled

    If more than one user account is purchased.

  • ✓ Data export*

    Annual plans only.

  • ✓ Account and user setup support
  • ✓ Virtual Q&A and training*

    1 hour per quarter.

  • ✓ Hosting and maintenance

    All user-generated content created on the platform or imported into the platform will be hosted and maintained by Quantumrun.


For mid-sized teams looking for trend research automation, on-demand support services, and better collaboration tools.
$ 499 per month
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • ✓ 25 user accounts
  • ✓ 10 customized AI-curated news feeds
  • ✓ Powerful roles and permissions

    The 10 default user accounts for this plan includes 1 administrator account and an optional number of Manager accounts. 

  • ✓ Enhanced team collaboration functionality

    Simpler team collaboration features.

  • ✓ Ongoing virtual Q&A and training*

    1 hour per month. 

  • ✓ Dedicated Account Manager
  • ✓ Data import enabled

    Teams have the ability to manually add user-generated content into the platform, as well as access the add-on service of importing their team's entire trend research into the platform.

  • ✓ SSO sign-in

    As a security feature, SSO is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related yet independent software systems.


/ Access customized trend intelligence.
/ Centralize innovation research.
/ Generate new business insights.

All integrated inside the

Quantumrun Foresight Platform

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